Lying on the couch in the classical psychoanalytic setting with the therapist behind and outside the field of vision serves to concentrate on oneself and free speech, without being influenced by social conventions. Depending on the need, however, psychoanalytic psychotherapy may also take place in sitting and in eye contact with the opposing therapist, as is the case with deep psychychologically based psychotherapy. In an initial session and possibly further preliminary sessions, we will decide on the appropriate therapy form together.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

For psychoanalytic long-term therapy, a total of about 160 to 240 sessions are available, in exceptional cases even up to 300 sessions, usually two or three times a week. The psychoanalytic process, which takes more time because it has a profound emotional and lasting change, usually takes 2 -3 years depending on the intensity of the treatment.

Depth-Psychological Therapy

Deep psychychologically based psychotherapy is a psychoanalytically based treatment method that is restricted to specific conflicts and limited in time. The point of departure and focus are concentrated on current problems, but it is also always looked back in the past. It has a range of 50 to 80 sessions.

Depth-Psychological Short Therapy

This form of therapy covers 25 hours and is mainly applied in crisis situations and in concrete focused specific cases. It can also be used for the preparation of a long-term therapy and later converted into one.

The costs of a psychoanalytic long-term therapy, as well as the deep psychychologically based psychotherapy and short-term therapy, are taken over by the statutory health insurance funds in the above-described scope and also by private insurance companies, depending on the contract.

The therapies are available in German or English.